Commissioner Lara’s Failure to Do His Job Is Causing an Insurance Coverage Crisis

Urge Commissioner Lara to Act Now

California is on the Brink of a Home and Auto Insurance Coverage Crisis

The Insurance Commissioner has a constitutional responsibility to ensure home, auto and commercial insurance rates adequately cover the cost of consumer claims to ensure a healthy insurance market that provides consumers with access and choice in coverage. However, Commissioner Lara is playing politics with our insurance coverage – failing to approve adequate rate filings and implementing policies that are resulting in an unhealthy insurance market for both home and auto.

Learn more about the auto insurance coverage crisis. 

Learn more about the homeowners coverage crisis.

The commissioner’s actions threaten the solvency of insurance providers. Now, many of the state’s leading insurance providers have been forced to take extraordinary action to address the issue, such as:


  1. Closing dozens of brick-and-mortar offices and eliminating new policy sales via phone
  2. Eliminating new auto policy sales via independent agents
  3. Reducing local auto coverage advertising and opting out of free agent quote generators
  4. Restricting monthly payment plan options


  1. Discontinuing all sales of new homeowner insurance policies
  2. Discontinuing coverage options for existing customers
  3. Eliminating homeowner’s policies for high value homes

The time has come for Commissioner Lara to work with insurers and agents to stop this coverage crisis and ensure Californians get the insurance coverage they need for their most valuable belongings.

Write to Commissioner Lara Today and Ask Him to Act Now to Prevent a Home and Auto Coverage Crisis


"California's Inaction Threatens Auto Policies"

- Associated Press, September 26, 2022